Hinsdale Painting Contractor

Painting the exterior of a home requires a lot of patience and preparation. Most people are not prepared for such a big and detailed paint job which is why they hire a painting contractor. There are some differences between interior and exterior painting. Understanding these differences will ensure that an exterior paint job is done properly.

Before beginning an exterior paint job, it is important to thoroughly wash the outside of the property. This assists in removing all dirt and debris that could affect the appearance of the paint. It is best to wait a full day for the surface to dry before applying paint. After the washing, scraping and sanding is usually necessary to ensure a smooth appearance. Those that have homes built before the late 1970s should be extra cautious when scraping paints as most older homes may have lead-based paints still present. If there are any cracks or holes within the surface, they should be filled to prevent leakage of the paint into these crevices.

After completing this initial prep work, a primer should be added to the exterior of the property. Any exposed nail heads should be sprayed with a metal primer to keep rust from appearing through the paint job. A high quality caulk should be applied to any joints before beginning the paint job. It is best to choose quality paint such as an acrylic paint that can be applied over most primers. The application of the paint varies by preference of the painter. Some people prefer to use brushes and rollers while others like paint sprayers. In any case, the paint should be applied from top to bottom. Also, it is important to note that in order to ensure that the paint adheres to an exterior surface the temperature must not fall below 50 degrees.

These are all very important tips for anyone that is interested in having the exterior of their property painted in the Hinsdale area.